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24-Oct-2017 22:52

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So work on your posture and carriage and if necessary take the help of a professional.

Again the famous writer Salman Rushdie married the lissome model Padma Lakshmi in 2004 who famously revealed that her husband was only seven years younger than her father. So if you believe that being shown off by the most affluent and successful of men is the life for you, here is a brief guide on how to go about becoming a trophy wife.

Also choose your venue according to where and with whom your interest lies.

If you’re looking for someone from the entertainment industry you could try making an appearance at a South Beach party frequented by hip-hop stars.

This however is not to imply that you have to wear yourself out to size zero but only that you need to develop a tight, toned body.

You must acquire a figure that will accentuate the most expensive of evening gowns and the most revealing of swimsuits if your rich husband is to show you off.

Know where to look If you are seriously looking to be a trophy wife, you will have to be seen in the right places, in other words, venues where the rich boys hang out.