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The Sims Life Stories is the first release in an all-new game series called The Sims Stories.

Play through all the great moments of your Sim's life in this easy-to-play, laptop-friendly version of The Sims.

Now Vincent eagerly returns to his modest mansion in Bitville to see his new girlfriend, Samantha Hayden. The choices are entirely yours to make, so enjoy free play and the neighborhood of Four Corners!

Samantha told Vincent she had a big surprise waiting for him when he got back. At first the player can only play Free Play or Riley's Story but, will get Vince's Story later on, as the player completes goals in Riley's Story.

On her first day she moves in, her Aunt Sharon almost immediately has to leave for something urgent, thus leaving Riley alone for the first few days.

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There used to be a pack for Sims 2 that contained them at Mod The Sims but it was removed by the request of EA. She moves in to her aunt's house in Four Corners after losing her job and being evicted from her apartment in Sim City.

Sharon had always been kind enough to help Riley out in a pinch, so Riley arranged to stay at her aunt’s house in the suburb of Four Corners until she was back on her feet.