Married dating in hayes south dakota

07-Oct-2017 00:55

She was named Coach of The Year twice throughout her career.

Her daughters, Alexandra and Elizabeth, were very successful collegiate swimmers after so much support.

Being the youngest of three children and the only girl in the family, Holly definitely considers herself a tomboy at heart.

Holly and Charlie feel blessed with three wonderful children.Holly’s parents divorced when she was in the sixth grade, forcing her brothers and her to all find jobs.Her father basically disappeared, coming in and out of their lives whenever he was around the area.Holly would bring friends into the store and tell them they could have whatever they want (thinking everything was free)—soon her mom and dad put a stop to that little arrangement! Her father was an abusive alcoholic who went in and out of treatment many times but never seemed to shake his addiction.

The real problem started when her father started gambling.

Also in that same year, her husband Charlie decided to run for the South Dakota Legislature House of Representatives.