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Start a discussion about how the reality of your marriage is different from your expectations. This might sound cheesy, but maybe you should break up the monotony with a vacation. Think about it: There are probably reasons you only slept with this old flame and never dated him. Most guys make the first move, but he's more of a quiet, shy type and I love that. Help :(Here's how you know if you should make a move: Ask yourself if you want to sleep with him. Sofia Vergara is shooting bullets from her breasts. All you've got to do is kiss a guy who probably likes you. I know a lot of single parents who have the same problems.

And try to get a handle on what's going on in his head too. Get out of that house where you're always on your phones. And there are certainly many more reasons you loved your husband so much that you put a ring on his finger. I've been talking to this guy for over a month, and we've been hanging out lately. It's hard to raise a kid and pay the bills and then, somehow, after a long day of work and parenting, find the energy to get dressed up for a first date.

We’ll include some of the better advice in our next 25 random dating tips.

Also, as we are equal opportunity posters, we’re not going to be forgetting the 25 dating tips for guys.

You've got to focus on your marriage and not distract yourself. This isn't 2008, when people still had patience for poor, passive Bella, the indecisive girl who couldn't decide whether she should lose her virginity to Jacob or Edward. So, when he stays the night at your friend's house, make sure you two are sharing a room. But now it's been a year since I dumped my ex and I haven't even come close finding a new guy.

So, before you do anything else, tell your husband how you're feeling: Don't let quiet resentment gnaw away at your relationship from the inside. Since you are distraught, I'd recommend that you cut him out of your life until you know what you want. This is 2014: Jennifer Lawrence is killing dudes in with a bow and arrow like she's the Greek goddess Artemis (or Rambo). I'm the kind of girl who loves being in a relationship, but where can I meet a guy when I spend all my time at work or with my son?

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I really like this guy, and we've flirted through text/text pics and he's said I'm he thinks I'm cute. This weekend he's gonna meet all my friends and he agreed to stay the night with me at my friend's house. Now you're in a place where you can start to build the life you deserve.

Today, Based Zeus himself, answers all these questions and more!

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