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However, my therapist advised me to go out with several people at once.For instance, when we set my weekly goals, I'd decide to go out with at least two different men during the week.Since I already had a therapist, one who specializes in relationship counseling, I made him my project manager.Each week, we spent 10-15 minutes of our counseling session looking at my week's progress, and what my blocks are (for instance, time management issues and the unconscious messages I was sending out in my dating profile).If you had to make a major repair to your car, you wouldn't leave it up to an amateur. The shoots were fun and silly but the results were great. It made me feel more confident about myself and my looks.Recording feedback on a spreadsheet I then put out a call on Facebook asking my friends to help select the best ones.They picked the one -- of me walking along the beach -- that I used on my online profile.My new photos made a big difference, both in the messages I received from potential dates and responses to messages where I made the first move.

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I often put 'too' in the way of getting to a first date.Merkur ranked Arielle a nine out of ten for her online appearance and described her as ‘very pretty, sweet and down to earth/great personality’.As well as online pictures, age and appearance scores, he also kept track of message communications and whether to monitor the dates ‘closely’ or ‘casually’.Merkur revealed his secret scoring process to date ‘Arielle’, after ranking her in first place on his chart.

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During the date he told her about his unique system for keeping track of his dozen dates and then forwarded her the spreadsheet, to prove that she was at the top of the list.Then we thought about what goals were realistic for me to accomplish by the following week.