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SOQO-X 2326-9-14-33 POOLE'S INDEX TO PERIODICAL LITERATURE FOURTH SUPPLEMENT FROM JANUARY i 1897 TO JANUARY i 1902 BY WILLIAM I. The name of writer when known is given within parentheses. LIBRARIAN OF AMHERST COLLEGE AND MARY POOLE FORMERLY OF THE NEWBERRY LIBRARY CHICAGO WITH THE COOPERATION OF THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION Qui scit ubi sit scientia habenti est proximus BOSTON AND NEW YORK HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN AND COMPANY (L be Utuct-Dtuc JJre BS, 1903 Copyright, 1903, BY WILLIAM I. A poem, a play, a story, or a sketch which can be said to have no subject appears under its own title. BURR Librarian Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. JAMES Librarian Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. LAYMAN Assistant Librarian University of California, Berkeley, Cal.

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Another paragraph from the Preface to the 1882 volume seems worth reprint- ing after a score of years : Another difficulty which required heroic treatment has grown out of the absurd practice in many periodicals of breaking the continuity in the numbering of volumes by starting new series. A review of " Enoch Arden " will be found under Tennyson, and of " Ivanhoe " under Scott ; but a review of Froude's History of England will appear only under England, as England is the subject. Critical articles on poetry, the drama, and prose fiction appear under the name of the writer whose work or works are criticised. ANNIE PRESCOTT Librarian Public Library, Auburn, Me.

ADELAIDE RICHARDSON Assistant Amherst College Library, Amherst, Mass.

No one can thoroughly investigate any of these questions without knowing what the periodicals have said and are saying concerning them.