Dating old college friend

22-Aug-2017 13:25

Age should not be part of the equation - where is it carved in stone that a person's most suitible mate must be EXACTLY the same age? That would be like saying they have exactly the same mind and spirit..people are all different. My guess is that he's jaded and has had bad experiences, thus has his own baggage.There's a very good chance that because of those past experiences, he's now choosing someone younger as an escape from other people who have similar baggage as he. Everyone has some sort of baggage, we all accumulate it as we move through life, and age has nothing to do with the amount of it.I never meant to imply that older women are necessarily less-desirable.I actually dated quite a few older women a couple years back, they were simply not as nice (at least the ones I dated, anyway).

As soon as she told me that, I realized I had no shot.

Being young has little to do with your core personality.

I see plenty of late teen, early twenties young women coming through our ED and let me tell you, lots of them have sour attitudes or feel entitled.

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I get what Knight09 is trying to say, he's maybe not saying it in a PC way, but I get it.

I just couldn't do 18 or 19, the word TEEN is still there. And how are you going to keep this hypothetical woman from ever experiencing anything in her life so that she remains "innocent" in your eyes?