Dating o zbekcha love site

20-Dec-2017 15:32

It says it has been as the same facility for days on the tracking site. I'm so sorry that your threads haven't arrived in time!

I needed my order for an important event & obviously it never came. :-( I can see these are on its way, but that's still not good enough.

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I just ordered for the second time & paid for 4 day delivery & it’s been almost 2 weeks.

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Was suppose to get it yesterday or a day before (14th-15th) and didn't get anything. Won't be ordering again after experience like that...

So disappointed and frustrated, just wasted my time waiting for delivery... Boohoo make fun looking clothes but have the worst customer service who don't solve any of the problems that occur with their faulty systems.We work in close partnership with our families, our Parish and the wider community to provide opportunities for our children to enjoy themselves and succeed.