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06-Nov-2017 04:10

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On the basis of just these scant facts, it seems incredible that a well-educated, successful and responsible woman would even consider handing over her life-savings to an apparent stranger – and yet chilling details from the trial hint at the sophisticated brainwashing involved.

Based on the secret techniques of pick-up artists, the book contains step-by-step instructions on how to ensnare a victim, such as ‘Select a Target’, ‘Isolate the Target’, ‘Create an Emotional Connection’ and ‘Blast Last-Minute Resistance’.

The moment I plead "no contest", they lifted the restraining orders and sent me on my merry way - but with a criminal conviction that now prevents me from getting hired.

The unfairness, inequity, and humiliation I was subjected to was beyond reason - and now to add even further injury, I am seemingly unemployable - by any firm that conducts background checks.

In the midst of a high-conflict divorce my ex alleged that I grabbed her arm - and I wound up eventually pleading no contest to the charge of simple battery (PC 242).

I was innocent - and the victim of her drunken rage - but nothing I could say or do seemed to matter.

In fact, James was a gang of Nigerian fraudsters who were later convicted.Judith joined a dating site last year – one which matches your values, personality and lifestyle with other members and scores them accordingly. When he got my replies, he’d come up with something similar but ever so slightly different.’'He’d say he loved me and I’d reply, “You haven’t even met me!Let’s wait and see.”’ So her scammer tried another tack: introducing Felix, a 14-year-old boy he had ‘saved’ in Liberia, who was temporarily living in Ghana.Last year in the UK, online dating scammers conned their dates out of £33 million.

Anna Moore investigates the crooks who target smart, successful women Using a fake profile on the popular dating site (they operated as ‘Christian Anderson’, a divorced engineer), the pair managed to persuade a newly divorced mother of two to sign over a staggering £1.6 million, some of it her own, the rest borrowed from family and friends.The more I protested my innocence, the more legal pressure I was subjected to.

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