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16-Aug-2017 14:22

Regionally, CSWC is part of a Caribbean Regional Coordinating Mechanism which focuses on advocating for sex workers at a regional level whilst engaging governments in the same process.

Miriam explains that “This RCM is a board made up of regional government officials, regional organizations, international agencies representatives and key population groups,” and that “CSWC uses the opportunity for advocacy and representation.” How are sex workers meaningfully included in the organisation?

We all know how taboo oral sex is in some parts of the Caribbean.

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Forget names and numbers, they simply strike up conversation for the first time ever by proposing to kiss you on the second set of lips. Is it that we are evolving as a nation or is it that we are becoming more perverse? One of the most common things people would tell me about Barbadians was that the men there quite openly dabble in the oral arts, to put it gently.Getting sex workers to access services will also be a challenge if funding is not available. Each sex worker belongs to, has a family, has feelings, and has needs.Currently, getting sex workers to access services is difficult. As such, they should benefit from the same rights as any other person,” said Miriam.Does CSWC have a message for the sex worker rights movement?

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