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25-Sep-2017 20:11

This year, I think it was a tie and then we went to a shoot out, and then we lost in the shoot out.

If they go there, they can post comments and I check them and try to reply to them.

Then finally, because it kept stalling when I tried to pull out on every take, on take five or six I was revving the gas to keep it from stalling, then I let out the clutch and it was just way too much power and I popped a wheelie and it skidded out and away from me.

My left leg caught on the bike and my jeans ripped from my ankle to my crotch. The bike was fine, I was fine, it was just my jeans were ripped in half.

Chris Potter has played, Jake Church, who plays Jake in the show, he also plays and then there are a lot of crew members that play as well. It was fun, it was a charity thing, so we just had a lot of fun and Santa Claus was the referee. I had a fan email but it unfortunately got out of hand, because I couldn’t reply to everyone on that, but my website, or my twitter, people can post comments and I read them all, it just takes me awhile to get back to them. Do you have a funny story you can tell us that happened during filming, maybe something that didn’t go quite right? The first season, I had a little motorcycle that was kind of like a dirt bike, and I had a scene where I was supposed to be a little upset and Amy was trying to get me to stay and I was mad about something, so I was trying to leave.

So we have this scene of dialogue, then I’m supposed to flip my visor down and rev my engine and peel out of there.

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I find it fascinating to see how they interact and communicate with one another.The main animal character on the show is a black Quarter-Horse named Spartan.

You can tell the difference between that and just the plain truth-warts and all!… continue reading »

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